Lanla Marketing Research

Company Overview: Lanla Marketing Research is a Canadian MSC located in Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec. Their focus is on “various customer experience evaluation and measurement programs to companies, such as surveys, automated complaint management system, competitive analysis, expert consulting services, training, etc. We specialize in mystery shopper programs with real consumers. Our cutting-edge technology turns data collected from your customers into a powerful management tool. In summary, our goal is simple: help you gain better insight into your company and customers in order to optimize your results.”

Registration is via a link on their website. It appears that they have a proprietary system. I have not seen a job board on the site.

What Others Have to Say: Shoppers on MysteryShopForum.com have nothing but praise for Lanla Marketing Research. Typical comments include, “I work with them fairly regularly. They are located here, in Quebec, not too far from Montreal. I love working with them. Easy reports, a phone number provided and easily reached schedulers, always pay on time. I’ve never had an issue with them. They’ve had a wide variety of assignments in my area,” and “I have a decent respect for this company and I have done a number of interesting assignments. My only concern is that sometimes I have a hard time understanding some faulty English translations.I find the people involved are customer service oriented and respect their shoppers, something rare with some MS companies. And since they allow Direct Deposit, the pay pace is not a problem.”

Overall: Based on the comments posted on MysteryShopForum.com, plus the fact that there is only one discussion about Lanla, I believe this company rates an A in my book.

Even though the company is based in Canada, I did see a comment or two about them having some shops in the US, so I would recommend signing up with them.

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