Market ViewPoint

Company Overview: Founded in 1996 in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania [a suburb of Philiadelphia], Market Viewpoint has clients in the automobile, retail, child care, real estate, and financial service industries. Their website is: http://www.marketviewpoint.com/.

Market Viewpoint currently has two different systems in place for shoppers. One is a Sassie platform while the other is the MSS platform. Each has different shops which will require a shopper wanting to get the maximum exposure of shops to be signed up with both systems.

Personal Experience: I haven’t had any experience with this company.

What Others Have to Say: Discussion among shoppers at www.mysteryshopforum.com generally tends to be positive about this company. Shoppers like the general ease of the reporting forms and the relatively fast pay. From what I’ve read, most are also happy with the pay for the work involved as well as the time it takes to get paid.

Overall: Market Viewpoint sounds like a MSC that should be on every shopper’s list. Even if they don’t currently have shops in your area, they may in the future. I can’t for the life of me, come up with a logical reason for having two different systems for registering as a shopper. To me, it seems the department of redundancy has decided to clone itself. I rate the company a B+.

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