Mars Research

Company Overview:  Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Mars Research offers “a wide range of solutions for all of your qualitative and quantitative research needs including survey design, data collection, recruitment, statistical analysis and reporting.” It appears from their website that this company concentrates primarily on focus groups, product testing, and various forms of market research. Their website is: http://www.marsresearch.com. The company has been in business for 30-years.

The South Florida Chamber of Commerce has a link when you search for this company. There is space for a company description, but it is blank. Following the link takes you to the homepage for Mars Research.

The corporate website has a link to allow sign-ups to join their panel as well as a non-toll free phone number for survey participation.

Personal Experience: There have been no projects for this company in my area.

What Others Have to Say: There have been no discussions of Mars Research on www.mysteryshopforum.com.

Overall: Although the website is relatively clean and uncluttered, the layout leaves something to be desired. It’s unclear as to if they are actively recruiting participants for their market research surveys or are just collecting names. I have been signed up with them for about 6-weeks and have not received any communications from them, nor have I received any spam that would indicate they are collecting and selling e-mail addresses.

It appears, based on data collected from internet searches, that most, if not all, research is conducted at their Fort Lauderdale facility. There are relatively few hits that come up for the company, which I think is surprising considering they have been in business for 30-years [according to their website].

Although the company’s site is navigable, I find that it’s not completely intuitive, although the links for signing up are relatively prominent. There is also no mention of when, or even if, you would be contacted for participation in a project.

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