North Fork Research, Inc

Overview: According to my research, ICCDS has been in business since 1999 and then recently changed their name to North Fork Research. They are located in Wichita Falls, Texas. The schedulers that work for North Fork are called North Fork Field Coordinators.

Project Variations: North Fork Research does many types of shops. There are Sports-Wear shops, Discount Shoes, Christian Book Stores, Khaki Wearing Kids-Camps, Grocery Stores, Warehouse Stores, and Upscale Shoes stores.

Shopper Registration:

You can reach the North Fork Field Coordinators Monday thru Friday from 9:00 to 5:30. You can also email the Field Coordinators anytime, according to the website. Someone will try to get back to you and it’s really faster than trying to call them.

Reporting System and IC Pro: North Fork Research Uses the Sassie  Reporting System. They also use the Geo-Verify System. Having IC-Pro Status seems to help get more shops and I found once I became IC Pro, I was accepted for more shops. I have not used the Geo-Verify system but some of the shoppers have and I have not heard bad things about it.

What others have to say: I have heard mostly good things about North Fork (ICCDS) as most shoppers know them by their former name. (ICCDS). I have worked with them for nearly 5 years now and have never had a shop or payment problems with this company.

Estimated Pay: The average pay for shops is $10 for the shopper fee and $5 reimbursement.

Expected Pay-day: The shops pay between 30-60 days through Paypal.

Odd Facts: I did notice on a recent shop, there is no PDF save to view and save your shop.

In closing, North Fork Research is a great company and I have never had any pay issues, rejected reports or any other serious problems with them. I highly recommend new shoppers sign up with North Fork Research.

For those who have been with ICCDS in the past, this was a smooth transition for North Fork Research.

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