Person to Person Quality

This company is a pision of ADI Consulting. Since 1993, ADI has assisted financial service businesses with regulatory compliance issues. Person to Person Quality (P2P) was founded in 1999 to provide mystery shopping and related services such as employee training, surveys, and market research. Both companies seem to be closely tied. They have similar personnel and both are based in Fairfax, Virginia. P2P serves a variety of industries including automotive, banking, insurance, and restaurants.

Their website is on the Prophet platform and can be found here, http://persontopersonquality.com. The company is a smaller one with a limited amount of shops in the United States. Payment is made by PayPal at approximately the end of the month following shop submission. The company urges shoppers to submit shops by 11:59 PM on the last day of the month to not delay payment. It has a 24 hour policy for shop submission. P2P is an MSPA member. Employees have contributed to articles in periodicals including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. A list of such submissions is available on the website. Twitter is sometimes used to post shops.

Although limited in number, shoppers on the forum have uniformly praised this company. Over several years of posts, they find the company to be responsive, it pays well for the work involved, and it pays as promised. Marc Ciagne is cited several times as being very responsive to shoppers.

Senior care shops are mentioned often as one of the available types of shops. Shoppers need to be at least 50 or 65 years of age, or be able to play the part of a caregiver for an elderly person of those ages. Complaints are that there are too few shops or the Prophet system shows shops in the area but the shopper is ineligible for many or all of such shops.

In June of 2014, Julie Strasberg from P2P listed areas on the forum where shoppers are needed. With the long rotation for senior care shops that information may still be relevant. You may view that thread here.

I have been signed up for them for more than five years without performing a shop. The shops in my area seem to be for shoppers in the older age profiles that I have not yet been able to meet. Emails are rare. Only two are listed announcing phone shops in 2014. This company expressly encourages personal contact from shoppers. To that end, it has posted phone numbers and email address of company employees on the website. Also, at least two employees have posted on the forum. In addition, the BBB has accredited ADI Consulting since 2011 and gives it an A+ rating.

In conclusion, this is a smaller, very well-liked company. Employees are cited as being very response and shops are well paid for the work involved. For those of us that are long past the age range for alcohol and tobacco compliance shops, senior care shops are available.

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