Quest for Best

Overview: Quest for Best Mystery Shopping Company began over 20 years ago in Memphis, Tennessee, as a small family owned business but has since grown quite large, and covers the service to many clients in 50 states. Since 1990, Quest for Best has provided mystery shopping that covers a wide range of services.

Project Variations: Quest for Best offers the following mystery shopping projects: Pet Supply Stores, Retail Lawn and Garden, Soft Serve Ice Cream Chain Shops, Casual Dining Shops, Quick Serve Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Banks and Financial Institutions, Audio Recorded Phone Shops, Video Shops, Retail Ladies Clothing Shops, Full Serve Restaurants and Popular Drive In Shops. In addition to Mystery Shopping, Quest for Best offers Customer Surveys, Merchandising and Auditing.

Reporting System: Quest for Best uses the Prophet System. From research, I found Prophet has been used by this company for over 10 years.

BBB Rating: Currently Quest for Best has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

What others have to say: I remember we were asked in the forum, “Who were the shoppers favorite scheduler?” Nancy Young from Quest for Best came up quite a bit. She is well known and liked by her shoppers. I have not heard any shoppers complain about this company, poor treatment or payment issues. I highly recommend signing up with this company.

Pay Rates: Quest for Best pays on average: $10 for fast food assignments and $5 for food reimbursements at quick serve/fast food restaurants. They pay higher amounts depending on the restaurant type and complexity of shop.

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