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Quest for Best

Company Overview: It is rare for mystery shoppers to agree about which are the best mystery shopping companies. So many variables factor into these viewpoints. These include, but are not limited to: fair fees, prompt timely and accurate pay, professional courtesy, effective and relevant feedback, and responsive communication.

However, Quest For Best has maintained consistent performance in all of the above areas. So consider adding this mystery shopping company to your list.

Quest For Best was founded in 1990, and is a BBB accredited business. It is based in Memphis, Tennessee. This company has clients in all 50 states and Canada, but the majority of the clients are based in the Midwestern and Southwestern United States.

Available assignment types include fast food, phone surveys, automotive sales, clothing, and other retail. They also offer audio and video recorded assignment opportunities.

Payments are made via PayPal on the 17th on the month following the completion of assignment.

Signing up with Quest For Best is a little different than many other mystery shopping companies. Visit their website at www.questforbest.com. To see if there are any current available assignments in your state before going through the sign-up process, click on “Shoppers”, then “Mystery Shopper Map”. This will bring up a color-coded map divided into six regions. Click on the one that applies to your area.

To actually sign up, click on “Become A Shopper”, and then “Online Shopper Profile”. Complete the short application. If there is a need for mystery shoppers in your area and your application is approved, an email with further instructions will be sent to you explaining how to get started.

No legitimate concerns or complaints have been posted on www.mysteryshopforum.com about Quest For Best. That’s an impressive track record for a mystery shopping company that has been in this industry for over two decades, as well as very rare. Some shoppers have reported completing hundreds of assignments for this company without experiencing any issues. Quest For Best has also been included in many threads on the forum in discussions about best companies.

The pay is described as being above average, and as stated before, timely and accurate. Assignments are bonused generously.

Communication with the company is prompt and responsive. Assistance is available when needed.

Company representatives are reported to be “respectful”, “the epitome of helpfulness and courtesy”, “patient”, and “professional and friendly”.

Shoppers state that they feel that they are respected and treated well. Feedback that is given is relevant and useful.

Discussions on the forum about on-site visits and reporting are favorable as well. They are described as being easy and straightforward.

The only drawback I could find to signing up with this mystery shopping company is that many shoppers have posted about not being able to find available assignments in their areas.

Personal Experience: Like so many others, there have been no available opportunities in my area as of this writing.

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