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SeeLevelHX: Mystery Shopping Company Review

SeeLevelHX is a woman owned company more than 40 years in the making.  Those who think their name is a play on words are right.  SeeLevelHx tries to help C-level management make informed decisions from the CEO to COO to the CMO.
SeeLevelHx uses their intelligence programs in order to optimize human experiences.  Getting the public’s dollar is harder than ever before with more and more competition, so SeeLevelHx tries to help their clients maximize the revenue coming in.
Unlike some mystery shopping companies, SeeLevelHx pays their relatively well.  Phone shops can go for about $3, but are easy in nature (the instructions and report are not very elaborate or difficult).
They also have car dealership shops as well as a popular fast casual sports bar as a client.  The car dealership shops can pay $25 for a successful report.  They are also relative easy to execute at this high paying rate.
The sports bar shops are among the best in the industry (especially for sports fan) but covering all expenses may be difficult as shopper pay might not cover the entire meal fees (in some instances it does). SeeLevelHx has other types of shops from banking to retail just to name a few.
Finally, unlike some mystery shopper companies, payment is on time.  Shoppers of this company need not worry about tracking down their late payments.
SeeLevelHx always pays by Paypal.  If shoppers receive another type of notice claiming to be pay, this is a scam and should be reported to  A text or check from SeeLevelHx is always a scam.  Anyone asking for you to send money on behalf of SeeLevelHx is a scam and should be reported to the above email.
Applying to be a shopper and getting shops is easy with SeeLevelHx.  You can use this link to sign up:
Once on board, SeeLevelHx sends emails to shoppers indicating what shops are available.  Setting up your profile is an important component as sometimes shoppers with the right demographics are required to be chosen.
Applying for the shop is also an easy process.  Please don’t be offended if you are not selected for a shop — some shops can get 20 applicants which means the vast majority are not given the shop.  Applying for the next shop is the solution in these cases and keeping a high shopper rating (SeeLevelHx has hundreds of thousands of shops each year) .  SeeLevelHx provides a shop rating for every shop so keeping this number high (the maximum rating is 10) is important.  A minimum shop rating is needed for some shops so keep this number high so you can execute their shops.  Also, please confirm your shops so that it is not given to someone else and keep your shop details for three months.
In summary, SeeLevelHx is one the premier companies for shoppers in the industry.  Not only does it pay well, it pays on time and the staff is generally easy to deal with.  Even those shops that might not cover all your expenses are usually fun in nature. If you are going to sign for a limited number of mystery shop companies, I suggest SeeLevelHx is one of them.
––  Contributed By Dave Blaze, Oshawa, Ontario,

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