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Service Scouts

Company Overview: Sometimes mystery shoppers need a little recreation and entertainment after completing a steady stream of the tried-and-true usual assignments. For a change of pace in that boring routine, check out the assignments with Service Scouts. This mystery shopping company offers all kinds of opportunities in venues for sports, musicals, shows, concerts, tradeshows, conventions, and theater productions.

Service Scouts, formerly known as Service Solutions, was founded in 1992, and is doing business from Incline Village, Nevada. This company operates in all 50 states. In addition to the entertainment venues, Service Scouts also has assignments at golf courses, zoos, ice skating rinks, and resorts.

Shoppers, otherwise known as “scouts” by this MSC, are paid via check by the 30th of each month for work performed in the prior month. Tickets for events are reiumbursed. There is usually a stipend for parking as well. Depending upon the event, the value of this type of assignment can be worth a few hundred dollars.

Service Scouts has a nine step registration process. Visit their website at http://servicescouts.com. Click on the link “Become A Scout”. Prepare to spend a little time on completing the detailed application. An email notification will be sent out to confirm registration and approval.

Assignments are requested by scouts from a job board and then assigned by a scheduler. Scouts that have established themselves as reliable and detail-oriented are given preference for the best assignments. Many times in order to land one of the better assignments, a scout is required to first take on an assignment that isn’t quite so plum. New scouts are given training via email and phone prior to going out on their first assignment. Availability of assignments is frequently consistent, and they change according to seasonal events.

Service Scouts also keeps up with its shopper base via social media on FaceBook and Twitter regarding available assignments.

Regular forum members posting on www.mysteryshopforum.com report that “this is a great company to work for” and that Service Scouts are “really good at communicating.” Others have stated that the Service Scouts Coordinator is helpful and supportive. The Coordinator is also active on the forum, and willing to answer questions or concerns. Only a few negative comments concerning non-payment were shared, and those involved situations in which required guidelines were not followed. Although the take-home pay is small, the reimbursements are generous.

Personal Experience: I have completed a handful of assignments for Service Scouts, mostly for hockey events. Regardless of the type of event, these require multiple interactions with venue personnel.

I was somewhat anxious before my first venue assignment, but the Service Scouts Coordinator was patient and encouraging and informative. I felt well-prepared before attempting my initial assignment, and knew that I had assistance a phone call away if I ran into any issues.

The interactions do take some time, and the reporting is detailed. There is a section for each of the many interactions. The editorial feedback that I received was positive and useful.

All of my payments were made accurately and in a timely manner.

The next time I need a break in my schedule, I’ll be checking out the job boards with this company.

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