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Company Overview: A Sassie-based company, Shoppers Inc is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Their website, http://www.shopperjobs.com, has a couple of my pet peeves. There’s nothing saying how long they have been in business, and there’s no indication of what industries they shop.

Personal Experience: I have been signed up with this company for over a year and have seen no jobs from this MSC. I actually had to expand the search radius to 500 miles to find three shops. They were all in the same town for three different apartment complexes.

What Others Have to Say: There is a full cornucopia of comments on www.mysteryshopforum.com when it comes to this MSC. This MSC was one of the first to require Geoverify for one particular client when Geoverify became available. In spite of the inaccuracies that were frequent occurrences when Geoverify was first released, it was a requirement and caused some shoppers to leave this MSC.

A typical shopper’s comment regarding Geoverify: “I do not see how using Geo-verify is going to change a shopper going to the wrong location. There are multiple ways to verify where you were and some companies require so many now it has become ridiculous. Where once it was just a business card now it has to be that plus a receipt plus a photo of the location. It really is out of hand and this “technology” just may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I have a smart phone for my own benefit not theirs and if they want me to use an app to verify my location then the fees better start going up to help cover my data package. My guess is the companies which will jump on this the fastest are those that pay the least.”

Another complaint is that a shopper signed up for payment by PayPal with this MSC and, lo and behold, their payment arrives via a check…and the check identifies it as a Mystery Shopping Company.

On the plus side, the reports tend to be relatively easy, and this MSC has not heard of the redundant “Department of Redundencies.”

One of our readers notes: “I wind up doing at least a couple of shops a month for them.  Overall, they are one of my favorite companies to work with.  My scheduler is both prompt and friendly, and accommodating when I run into the occasional scheduling issue.  While I would prefer payment via PayPal, their checks show up like clockwork, with shops being performed in the first half of the month paying by the end of the month.”

Overall: Based on my research, this MSC does shop some apartment complexes, and they have a convenience store client that will require you to use Geoverify to shop them. I haven’t been able to find any additional shops for this particular MSC.

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