Stacey’s Strategic Solutions

Company Overview: Located in Florida, Stacey’s Strategic Solutions [SSS] is a consulting, scheduling and business solutions provider specializing in collecting and analyzing data about customers, employees and competitors to maximize profitability and efficiency. The company has more than twenty years of retail management, human resources, scheduling and business experience with a reputation for knowledge, dedication, fairness and organization.

On their website they state, “We are imaginative, intuitive problem solvers. We are always ethical and professional. We pride ourselves on obtaining and retaining the best shoppers in the industry.” Their website is: http://staceystrategicsolutions.com.

Their site does not list clients or industries served. A search revealed the closest shops to me to be movie and bank shops.

Personal Experience (Updated): In Issue 49 of Mystery Shopper Magazine, I concluded this review with, “The old saying is, “No news is good news.” On that basis, one could conclude that SSS is a good company to work for. I certainly would have no problem taking one or two shops to test the waters with this MSC.”

Shortly after this review was first published, a series of financial institution shops became available in my area with this MSC. The shops consisted of two parts. First was a phone call and second was in person visits. The reports for both were virtually identical; about 10-15 mostly closed end [Yes/No] questions and a narrative. The narrative threw me a curve ball because the instructions said, “500 characters, although more is preferred.” I complied and was surprised when the reports were returned to me. Stacey included a sample narrative and it was easy to see the mistake—they wanted 500 words minimum. It was a bit of a difference but the reports were not that hard to rewrite.

Payment for this assignment was very fast, within three weeks. Communication was excellent and, except for the character/word SNAFU, there were no problems. I had a bad experience at two of the locations, but the reports were accepted [I had kept the audio recordings just in case]. I’m pleased to report that Stacey’s Strategic Solutions is an A+ company and I look forward to working with them again if the opportunity presents itself.

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Overall: The old saying is, “No news is good news.” On that basis, one could conclude that SSS is a good company to work for. With my new experience with this company, we have “good news” based on more than “no news.”

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