Technology Store Shopper

Company Overview: Technology Store Shopper is a mystery shopping company that specializes in shopping the technology sector. I tried contacting the company on three different days via their 800 number to discover the basics [location, how long they’ve been in business, etc.] as this basic information is not on their website, and I could not get an answer. I assume they are somewhere under the latest winter storm. Their website is http://technologystoreshopper.com.

Personal Experience: I have had no shops with this company. The nearest shop I’ve seen is some 200 miles away.

What Others Have to Say: Discussions on www.mysteryshopforum.com have been overwhelmingly positive. The company is universally praised for fast pay. I have not been able to find any negative discussions about this particular MSC.

Typical of the shopper comments is this, “I’ve done 3 shops for them in the last 6 months or so and all have been paid quickly. They even paid me partially for a shop I was not able to do because the location was not yet opened. They don’t have much in my area. I did receive an email a couple of days ago about another cell phone shop but the only location was St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. While I wouldn’t mind visiting the area I don’t think a $10-15 mystery shop would do the trick even though I am in Florida.”

Overall: Technology Store Shopper sounds like a company that every shopper should at least try. Fast pay is always a good thing and the MSC says they have shops in all 50 states. I’ll definitely check back on their job board a bit more often to see if anything closer to me shows up.

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