TrendSource Mystery Shopping

Overview: TrendSource was co-founded by Rodney Moll, in 1989, over 25 years ago. The business moved to San Diego, California, where Mr. Moll retained the titles of Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO, President and Executive Chairman of the Board. After further research, James Caltrider is currenly/ presently named President and CEO. My facts show the company incorporated in 1993, in California.

Extras: TrendSource is an industry pioneer with 25 plus years experience. They provides services to many Fortune 500 Companies. TrendSource is a Founding Member of the MSPA and one of the only mystery shopping companies to hold the unique distinction of being ISO Certified (National Organization for Standardization) where they develop and uphold international standards of business practices.

Assignments: TrendSource presently performs the following: Grocery Shops, Grocery Competitive Pricing Shops, Pricing Audits, Health Care Mystery Shops, Merchandising Audits, Professional On-site Inspections, Business Verification Inspections (BVI), Customer Intercept Surveys, Quick Service Restaurants, Reward and Recognition Programs, Medicare Shops, Fast Food Drive Thru Shops, Phone Call Mystery Shops.

Interesting Facts:  TrendSource services over 100,000 business locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. TrendSource is a major market research and strategic consulting firm, with a powerful client list.

Facts to Note: TrendSource’s unique services have helped over 3 million employees, supervisors and numerous operations within the companies. This ensures compliance and drive-best practices, which create customer loyalty to the brand.  Another division is ‘TrendSource Trusted Insight’ which is a full service operation within the company.

On-site launch: In 2005, TrendSource launched the “On-site Inspection Service” as a premier provider of on-site inspections in the industry. Both OSI and TrendSource Trusted Insight are supported by MSI Services.

MSI Services: MSI is the exclusive Field Agent Database provider for TrendSource, Inc.

Shoppers are called “Field Agents” and are Independant Contractors for MSI, Inc. Schedulers utilize MSI Databases to recruit Field Agents for projects.

What others have to say: The feedback I have seen from shoppers are that they really enjoy how often they are paid, usually the 5th and 20th of the month, so getting paid twice a month makes many shoppers happy! While some of the fees are lower than other companies, the loyalty remains for this company. The projects are easy and the forms have changed somewhat (if you can get past the date/time entry, which was a little confusing when they changed it).

Pay Rates/Pay Days: TrendSource continually pays the highest for Medicare (MAP) assignments, (in my experience) up to $34 for each and I have received bonuses on top of that, like $10-15 to get a MAP done that a shopper flaked on and it had to meet the clients deadline. I should mention it was one mile from my house, so that was a great pay day!  As I said earlier, they pay twice a month and shoppers like that a lot!

In closing: I highly recommend TrendSource for being an honest and fair company. I should mention that I have been paid for MAP assignments where the target never showed up, BVI assignments where the target never showed up and I was paid in full. These were, as you may know, $18 and $34 dollars, respectively

BBB: TrendSource is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

TrendSource (Corporate Office)
4891 Pacific Highway, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 9211






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