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Feedback Plus Purchased by Sentry Marketing Group

Sentry Marketing Group recently on March 17th that they have acquired Feedback Plus. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, however the combined company will stay in Plano, Texas, where Sentry is located.

“This combined group will double our size and enable us to offer superior service and mystery shopping, customer survey, audit and other types of data collection programs,” said David Augius, president of Sentry Marketing Group.

Sentry was founded in 2005 by David Agius, and provides real insight into the customer experiences with Mystery Shopping, Audits, Competitive Analysis, Guest Surveys, and Operations Reviews using a national network of field evaluators to evaluate stores to assess how well a brand is delivering on their vision and brand promise.

The combined companies serve nationally recognized clients in the restaurant, hotel, retail, financial and automotive industries.

There has been some concern among shoppers about this purchase. Shoppers have noted that Feedback Plus has a fast payment turnaround while Sentry tends to run closer to 60 days.

Typical of comments are: “I am concerned with this acquisition. I get paid very quickly with Feedback Plus and love their shops, and it take over two months to get paid by Sentry. I hope with the purchase that Sentry implements some improvements in their payment system. I have done less with Sentry because I get paid faster with other companies.”

Another shopper writes: “Hmmm, I’ll have to reserve my judgment. Both places have been good to work with. No issues with communication or pay. However, all of Sentry’s restaurant shops require very detailed reports. Feedback Plus has a great restaurant reveal shop with a super easy report. I hope Sentry doesn’t change it!”

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