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Jancyn Acquires ShopTalk Services

Jancyn Evaluation Shops recently announced the acquisition of Shoptalk Service Evaluations. According to Vicki Dempsey, VP of Sales & Marketing for Jancyn, this will mean “more industry assignments to choose from, in addition to apartment shops.” ShopTalk was located in the Pacific Northwest, so the greatest impact will be more shops in that part of the county.

This procurement was effective on the 1st of this year. Shoptalk specializes in property management performance evaluations whereas Jancyn is an all-service mystery shopping company with a preexisting division in the property management sector.

According to Vicki Dempsey, VP of Sales & Marketing for Jancyn, “This is a tremendously exciting time for Jancyn as we continue to grow and evolve with more services and mystery shop offerings. The acquisition of Shoptalk is just one more step of growth for us. It provides the opportunity to offer more companies our leasing agent performance evaluations, a highly effective tool in creating and maintaining a professional training program.

The former owner of Shoptalk, Joyce Bica, will remain active in the industry as a consultant with Jancyn. Ms. Dempsey has indicated that the 20 years of insight and expertise that Joyce brings will not only make for a smooth transition, but will enhance Jancyn’s expertise within the field of property management mystery shop services.

The acquisition of Shoptalk includes articles and white papers designed as training tools that will be available to property managers, owners, and leasing agents throughout the U.S. These articles and the information imparted therein will be an added value that Jancyn can provide to their current and prospective clients.

“Telephonic and on-site evaluations are critical to property management firms for a variety of reasons,” states Vicki Dempsey, “Not only do owners want to ensure that potential renters get the best possible customer experience, they also want to make certain that local, state, and federal housing regulations are adhered to. Our reporting gives detailed insight into those areas and provides feedback that property owners may not otherwise have.”

To learn more about Jancyn, or to register as a shopper, visit their website.

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