Written By Ceridwyn

ShopTalk III: Mystery Shopping Lingo

Every industry has their own language. The world of mystery shopping is no different in that respect. It can be confusing to both experienced and novice shoppers from time to time. As this field expands, more specialty terms are developed. Each issue of ShopTalk will explain some of the more commonly used lingo. View past editions of ShopTalk here.

DIM = Dimensional. Used to describe a type of postal package.

FC = First Class. A term used to define type of mailing.

FT = Full-Time. Self explanatory.

FUBAR = Fouled Up Beyond All Reality. Similar to SNAFU, but worse.

MCP = Measure Consumer Perspectives. A mystery shopping company.

MF = Market Force. A mystery shopping company.

MO = Money Order. Self explanatory.

MOD = Manager On Duty. Self explanatory.

NLT = No Later Than. Self explanatory.

ODP = Overdraft Protection. A banking term used for some types of assignments.

PPV = Pay Per View. A type of assignment that reviews establishments using this service.

PT = Part-Time. Self explanatory.

SA = Sales Associate. Self explanatory.

SAHM = Stay At Home Mom. Self explanatory.

SNAFU = Situation Normal, All Fouled Up. Similar to FUBAR, but not as bad.

STN = Second To None. A mystery shopping company.

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure. The usual or typical method for doing something.

TC = Travel Center. A large facility with many amenities for truckers.

TROLL = Not an acronym or abbreviation, this term is used to describe those on forums who engage in inflammatory and/or juvenile disruptive behavior.

TTY = Text Telephone. Phone feature for the hearing impaired.

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