17 Wild and Crazy Mystery Shopping Stories…

From breaking ankles to buildings literally falling apart, mystery shoppers sure have some stories to tell! Shootouts and stolen pizzas, a frightening experience with a cold, a dead body found in the bushes.

Here are some of Mystery Shop Forum’s member’s own stories of a “not-so-typical-day” with mystery shopping.

1. “Silence is Golden” by WillShopForFood.
This shop had an associate who never spoke a word.

2. “Somebody Stole My Pizza!” by ceasesmith.
This proves you can’t leave your pizza on the counter without somebody trying to steal it!

3. “Pry Open the Door! Watch that falling ceiling too!” by Kenzie
From stuck doors to falling ceilings, this shop was a full of frustration.

4. “Try Stealing Something Under the Cart!” By WillShopForFood
Clients want you to put something under your cart and see if you get caught.

5. “Escaped Convict and S.W.A.T on my Shop!” By Cettie
How can you perform you shop when you have a 45-to-Lifer and S.W.A.T called?

6. “Hello? Can I get a little help?” By DanteScheduler
Everyone is focused but not on the customer.

7. “Get your sheets together… please!” By CeceliaM
Some associates should not be in customer service…”oh the language!”

8. “Rear Ended on a shop!” by siamese5555
It seems you can’t go anywhere, even on a shop without a distracted driver!

9. “Chesty Morgan… I can’t read your name tag!” by catlassy
When very large breasts get in the way of capturing a name tag.

10. “Don’t Short Change Me!” By tcurione
Clerk trying to pocket a few bucks that belong to the shopper.

11. “Would you like me to finish you off?” by SteveSoCal
A massage that almost turns into the choking chicken..

Part 1:

Part 2:

12. “Keep On Truckin’!” by katioard
I want a truck! No. You want a car! And I said so!

13. “Cougar and Cub having dinner?”  By Misanthrope
When mom and son go to dinner…weird comments ensue…

14. “Is that #2 on the floor at the Roach Motel?” By Darewright
An abundance of feces prevails…

15. “Do you know ANYTHING about this vehicle?” By Kenzie
When the shopper knows more than the salesman..

16. “Dead Drunk?” By COMystery
Check and see if the guy is drunk or dead!

17. “That was an explosive bowel movement!” by BlueJacket636
When the walls turn a smelly shade of brown…















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