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Featured Mystery Shopping Assignments – May 4th, 2016

We recently reached out to the folks at SurfMerchants, and asked them to send us a compilation of mystery shopping assignments that seem particularly interesting. Why? They’ve created the scheduling software that powers many of the very best mystery shopping companies.

Below is their first submission – 3 assignments, from 3 companies. We’ve linked to the sign up page for each assignment, as well as further information for each company.


MSC: Technology Store Shopper – Forum LinkReview from 2014
Shop Name: Leading Electronics Companies
Shop Description: Our shops are pretty easy to complete and involve going into a leading electronics firm, and interacting with an associate.  We have several clients, and thousands of shops available!
Locations: All over the United States!
Links to Apply:
Pay: $14+

MSC: Confero, Inc. – Forum LinkReview from 2015
Shop Name: Ingles Grocery Store
Shop Description:
-Spend a minimum of 20 minutes inside
-Visit each of the required departments
-Ask an employee for assistance
-Note employee names via name tag
-Visit the restroom
-Make a purchase at the store
-Full details in Guidelines”
Locations: GA, SC, NC, VA and AL
Links to Apply:
Pay: $10 Shopper Pay and $3 Reimbursement

MSC: Presto Mobile
Shop Name: Easy casual dining shop
Shop Description: For this shop, you will visit Bombay Wraps and make observations on the restaurant, food and service.  Only nine questions!
Locations: Chicago, IL
Pay: $10 including reimbursement
Links to Apply:

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