Aaron Murdoch

5 Companies Hiring Mystery Shoppers

If you are enjoying the slow pace of summer, it may be time to start thinking about squeezing in some mystery shopping assignments before the busy fall season begins. There are a lot of extra shops available this time of year, so why not be proactive and make some extra cash? Here are 5 more mystery shopping companies to check out.


  1. Anonymous Insights is a company with the motto of, “Catch someone doing something right.” Their mission is to recognize and reward their employees for a job well done. Some of the industries they serve are grocery, restaurants, health care, retail and theme parks. To sign up, click here.


  1. Business Evaluation Services is based out of Arroyo Grande, CA, providing mystery shopping assignments all over the United States. If you enjoy completing shops in the automotive, banking, retail, casino or gaming sectors, click here to join.


  1. Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. is hiring honest and reliable mystery shoppers who are ready to earn some extra money. They are in good standing with the MSPA and offer shops in amusement parks, auto maintenance, sports, cell phones and fine dining. To join this company, sign up here.


  1. Dynamic Advantage, Inc. is a family owned company that has been in the mystery shopping business for over 60 years! They offer a ton of various kinds of assignments from age verification to advertising price compliance. Interested? Click here.


  1. Elite CX Solutions provides shopping opportunities in hidden video, audio recorded, telephone, website and written mystery shops. Some of the areas served are casinos, senior living, hotels, new homes, storage facilities and sporting events. Click here to sign up with this company.


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