Aaron Murdoch

5 Companies Hiring Mystery Shoppers

Becoming a mystery shopper is easier to get into now, more than ever before. There are hundreds of companies that can provide you with a ton of opportunities to start earning some extra money. It’s a flexible, convenient, and a fun way to work without feeling like it’s a typical job. Here are 5 more companies looking to hire mystery shoppers.


  1. Confero Inc is an international company serving the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South America. The industries they represent are in the restaurant, retail, banking, automotive, healthcare, and travel services. To join Confero, click here.


  1. Service Evaluation Concepts refer to their mystery shoppers as ‘Brand Agents’ (BA). For those looking to make even more money, they provide additional certification to become a ‘Certified Brand Agent’ (CBA) and can enjoy some extra perks at this level. To sign up for this shop, you may do so here.


  1. New Image Marketing Research Corp. Have been in operation for over 25 years and represents some of the top brands in the world such as Publix, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Shell, Pepsi, and Safeway. If you’d like to join this company, click here.


  1. Mystery Shoppers Inc. is an MSPA certified company which always brings the assurance that they are a reputable company. If you have a computer, internet access and some spare time, you are qualified! Mystery shoppers are paid by check, and you can sign up here.


  1. Customer Prophet was founded in 1999 through answering a need of providing additional mystery shopping services outside of their primary industry, hospitality. They now have assignments available in the banking, movie theater, and car wash sectors. If this shop sounds fitting, join here.


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