Aaron Murdoch

5 Companies Hiring Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shopping is not only a flexible, convenient, and easy way to make extra money, it is something that can be completed at any time during the year. Autumn is the perfect season to begin mystery shopping and start earning cash for the holiday season. Here are 5 mystery shopping companies hiring right now.


  1. Measure Consumer Perspectives has 17 years of expertise in the mystery shopping industry. Some of the fields they serve are automotive, banking, theme parks, theatres, hotels, gas stations, apartments, and retail. To sign up for this company, click here.


  1. Mercantile Systems Inc. is located in Brentwood, CA and operates by the mantra, “Catch your employees doing something right.” They employ over 400,000 mystery shoppers worldwide and offers assignments in the health, insurance, restaurant, storage and restaurant industries. Sign up here to join this company.


  1. Mintel International Group states that they have mystery shopping assignments for everyone’s lifestyle. They offer shops in retail, restaurants, as well as work-from-home mystery shopping opportunities such as email collection and direct mail sent to the shopper. Does this sound like a shop for you? Click here.


  1. Mystery Shoppers Inc. requires their workers to have access to a computer, digital camera, and scanner since all tasks are completed online. They are a certified member of the MSPA and pays their shoppers by check. Some of the industries they offer are retail, restaurant, and apartments. To join this company, you may click here.

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