Posted By Jacob Jans, Editor

5 Companies that Need Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shopping is a fun way to make money this time of year. On top of getting a possible tax benefit, in the form of deductions, you can also make some extra coin to spend any way you want. Who doesn’t like some extra jingle in their pockets to buy that item that you’ve been wanting? Here are 5 mystery shopping companies you need to check out.

1. Service Sleuth is an international company with offices in many countries. They offer mystery shopping in the automotive, retail and restaurant industries. Also, they are one of the few companies that offer shopping opportunities in Nevada and are known for their lightning fast payments. You can sign up for Service Sleuth here.

2. Anonymous Insights promotes their motto “catch someone doing something right” for their mystery shoppers. This company offers assignments in the fast food, gas station, grocery, health care, theme park and hotel industries. If this sounds interesting, you may join their company here.

3. Cirrus Marketing Intelligence has employed more than 150,000 mystery shoppers over the past 22 years. Cirrus offers assignments in the telephone, storage, casual & fine dining restaurant and lodging industries. You may sign up with this company here.

4.  Regal Hospitality Group is receiving a lot of praise in the “kudos” section of Mystery Shop Forum. Fellow mystery shoppers are enjoying their shops saying that they are exactly what they want in a company. One shopper stated, “you could sell your house and travel the world working for them.” Sign up this company here.

5. Impact Marketing is a unique mystery shopping company to work for. They specialize in providing video recorded assignments along with the home, lodging and restaurant industries. Impact Marketing is a veteran company that’s been established since 1999. You may sign up for this company here.

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