5 Companies with Jobs for Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shoppers should always be on the look out for new companies with good opportunities. The more companies you register with, the more opportunities you’ll have. Here are five companies with jobs available for shoppers. They cover a very wide range of industries and regions. Most shoppers are probably signed up with one of these companies, but not all. Keep reading to find out which ones might be new for you.

1. Market Force Information (MFI)

Developed in the year 2005, Market Force is one of our shoppers favorite mystery shopping companies and have mystery shops in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Spain. Ray Walsh, CEO runs this very busy company, which has over 400,000 Mystery Shoppers who perform 100,000 Mystery Shops a month. MFI has 350 clients and uses the KnowledgeForce reporting platform system. They handle over 100,000 in bound calls to their busy contact call center. Market Force is involved in Mystery Shopping, Customer Experience Surveys, Contact Center Calls and Employee Engagement Surveys. Visit their website here.

2. Bare International, Inc.

Bare International was created in 1987 by founders Dale and Micheal Bare, in Fairfax, Virginia. They wanted to create a great mystery shopping company because back in the 1980’s, most mystery shopping companies were somewhat spotty and had limited services. They wanted something bigger and better. They were originally called RHS (Restaurant Hotel Services) and soon, in 1999, RHS became Bare International Associates, Inc and also created an office in Antwerp, Belgium. They also created offices in Budapest, Mumbai, Bangalore, Shanghai and 149 other countries. They perform over 50,000 shops a month and are one of our mystery shoppers favorite companies. Visit their website here.

3. ath Power Consulting

ath Power Consulting has been in business since 1997 and deals primarily in the financial services industry, such as banks and lending institutions. In addition, their clients are credit unions and mortgage companies, along with insurance companies. ath Power has excellent programs to obtain the clients most critical business needs. Their motto is: “assess, align and achieve” and they do this with their famous banking clients every day, by using the a3 intelligence platform, which provides a great way for clients to get their information quicky and accurately. ath Power deals in Competitor Analysis, Consumer Opinion and Image Audits, Market Positioning, Product Concept and Testing, as well as, Post Transaction Interviews. Visit their website here.

4. Customer Service Experts (CSE)

Founded in 1994, Customer Service Experts (CSE) has mystery shops in Banks, Restaurants, Hotels, Grocery, Drug Stores and Healthcare companies. This company also does Customer Experience Surveys, Employee Surveys and Audits. CSE is run by Nancy Draude, President of the company, who has more than 20 years experience in the industry. Visit their website here.

5. Mystery Shopping, Inc.

This company was developed in 1994 in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is one of the most professional mystery shopping company with good clients. They have an A+ Rating with the BBB. They use the Sassie Reporting Platform System and are a member of the MSPA. This company has IVR phone surveys, Data Reporting, ICR Web Surveys in addition to excellent clients for Mystery Shopping. To learn more: visit their website.

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