Aaron Murdoch

5 Mystery Companies that are Hiring for Christmas

It is hard to believe that in only a few short weeks we will be entering the Christmas season. Families across the world will be traveling and gathering together to celebrate this special time of year. With this festive time filled with food, presents, and fun also brings with it a lot of additional expenses. Don’t let the stress of Christmas have an impact on your wallet – take on a few extra mystery shopping assignments instead. Here are 5 companies hiring right now in no particular order:


  1. DJC is a company that many shoppers on the Mystery Shop Forum seem to be very happy with. Members state that they have a fast payment schedule. Scheduler Jeff Capper is said to be both “personable and flexible.” To sign up for DJC, click here.


  1. Imyst offers mystery shopping assignments in a wide variety of industries. Shoppers may choose from apartments, banks, casinos, motels, and movie theaters, just to name a few. Opportunities for conducting audio recorded and video shops are also available. If you would like to give Imyst a try, click here.


  1. Bare International has been in the mystery shopping business for over 30 years and state that they are known for their “Commitment to service.” They offer mystery shopping assignments in person, over the phone, and on the internet. To learn more about opportunities to become an evaluator, you can sign up here.


  1. Customer Impact states on their website that they are “Striving to be your preferred choice among mystery shopping companies, we offer a wide array of services…” Some of the shops offered are restaurants, retail, hospitality, grocery, and financial. To sign up for Customer Impact click here.


  1. GBW (formerly GAPbuster Worldwide) has conducted over 14 million mystery shopping assignments on a global level over the past 18 years. Their website states that they pay their shoppers on a monthly basis and can complete assignments on a flexible schedule. Click here to sign up.



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