Aaron Murdoch

5 Mystery Shopping Companies Hiring for the Holidays

We are approaching two of the busiest times of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. As everyone knows, the holidays also bring a lot of fun, food, and the need for some extra funds. Having extra cash on hand is a necessity this time of year so why not begin to pick up a few extra mystery shopping assignments? Here are 5 mystery shopping companies looking to hire in no particular order:


  1. Jancyn is a veteran company that is offering a quick and easy mystery shop that involves counting merchandise. Just enter the store, count, snap a picture, and leave. The follow-up report takes about 5 minutes to complete. Click here to join this company.


  1. We Check is a Canadian mystery shopping company for all of our shoppers in the Great White North. According to their website, registering is fast and easy that can be completed in just a few minutes. Referral bonuses are given to those who recommend We Check to their fellow shoppers. To join this company, click here.


  1. Bestmark has been in business for over 30 years and offers mystery shopping opportunities in the automotive, retail, and restaurant sectors. They are a company that will keep you busy and your calendar full. If you’re serious about completing shopping assignments, click here to join their team of shoppers.


  1. DSG Associates allows their mystery shoppers the freedom of working as a walk-in customer, over the phone, as well as through the internet. Their shopping payments can range anywhere up to $100. Does this sound like a good opportunity? If so, click here.


  1. Mystery Dining is an international company specializing in providing assignments in the restaurant, hotel, and pub industries. Simply book your visit, go out, complete a report, and get reimbursed. If this is something you would like to check out, click here.

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