5 Mystery Shopping Companies With Jobs Available

There are always new and exciting shops offered by some great mystery shopping companies. Some of our shoppers have never heard of a few of these companies and we try to introduce some lesser known mystery shopping companies. Many shoppers will recognize these mystery shopping companies, but in case you have not signed up with them, now is a great time!


  1. Service Connections Inc. (SCI)

Service Connections Inc. has been in business for over 30 years and is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Janet Fitzgerald is the President of this thriving company and she joined SCI in 1996. She has attended the International Association of Service Evaluators (IASE) in Budapest Hungary and is actively involved in many aspects of this popular mystery shopping company.

SCI Motto to the client: “We take the mystery out of what your customers are experiencing, thinking and doing.”

Types of shops. Major Airlines and their Vendors Shops, Retail Shops, Parks and Recreation Shops, Home Builder Shops, Car Wash Shops, Jewelry Shops, Investment Shops, Grocery Shops, Liquor Store Shops, Sporting Event Shops, Competitive Analysis, Sales Analysis, Service & Delivery, Web Site Shops, Market Research, Individual and Statistical Reporting, Training, Recognition and Employee Surveys.

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  1. Ardent Services, Inc.

Ardent Services began 20 years ago in Denver, Colorado. This mystery shopping company is a favorite of many shoppers. The assignments are enjoyable but the narratives can be long when reporting the shop. They have an A+ Rating with the BBB and are long standing members of the MSPA. They service the clients of over 1700 Fast Casual Dining Shops globally. Shoppers report that the reporting time can be lengthy but the shopper pay is very reliable, arriving around the 20th of the month. Some shoppers report that their application process from submission to being selected as a shoper can take months.

Ardent Services Motto: Because of our exposure to the restaurant industry it has driven us to be more knowledgeable about all different kinds of food and restaurant concepts and we are constantly working on ways to help restaurants be more efficient, operational compliant, and most importantly, a pillar of memorable customer service.”

Types of Shops: Full Service Hotels, Extended Stay Hotels, Car Rental Shops, Automotive Shops, Hospitality and Service Shops. Customer Service Evaluations, Merchandise Integrity Shops, Competitor/Comparison Performance Shops, Store Standards Evaluations, Associate Incentive Shops, Fast Casual Restaurant Shops, Quick Serve Restaurant Shops, Fine Dining Shops, Catering Shops, Quality Training Procedures, Airline Shops, Clothing/Apparel Shops, Grocery Shops, C-Store Shops.

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  1. A-Closer-Look (ACL)

A-Closer-Look has been in business for 22 years since 1994 and they are located in  Norcross, Georgia. This company has many exciting shops and many shoppers report satisfaction with this great company. They pride themselves on an 18 point inspection for Quality Control for mystery shopping reports, that go through rigorous examination before the report is sent to the client.

Another Interesting Fact: ACL is licensed to schedule and perform mystery shops in the state of Nevada. ACL points out that visiting shoppers from other states must follow the same procedures for work cards, as those who reside in Nevada. That means you have to go through the work card process even if you are just visiting on vacation and want to perform a few shops while in “Lost Wages” Nevada.


Types of Shops: Apparel Shops, Automotive Shops, Big Box Store Shops, Boutique Shops, C-Store Shops, Department Store Shops, Jewelry Shops, Grocery Shops, Pharmacy Shops, Movie Shops, Chinese Restaurant Shops, Mexican Restaurant Shops, Limited Service Shops, Resort Shops, Senior Living, Spa Shops, Health Club Shops, Hospital Shops, Doctor Shops, Dental Shops, Educational Shops, Pet Services Shops, Child/Daycare Shops, Transportation (Taxi, Limo, Parking) Shops, Automotive Repair and Maintenance Shops, Home Improvement and Renovation Shops, Cleaning Services (Carpet, Window, Home, Yard) Taco Shops, Pizza Shops, BBQ Shops, Web Surveys, Market Research, Education/Learning Centers, Fine Dining, Full Service, Fast Casual, QSR, Afterlife and Funeral Care Shops, Bars, Nightclubs, Package Delivery Shops, Famous Soda Brand Company, Massage, Social Media Measurement, Engagement and Feedback Surveys and Competitive Intelligence.


  1. CRG Mystery Shoppers (Consumer Research Group)

Consumer Research Group (CRG) was founded by Don Bode in 1991. Don created a specific system called CRG Customer Feedback System during his time with CRG. This company is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Prior to CRG, Don coordinated operations with the famous Church’s Chicken Chain, now ranking as customers favorite chicken, a.k.a. known as America’s Favorite Chicken (AFC)

I found this interesting: CRG calls it’s shoppers: “CRG Pro Shoppers” and believes their shoppers are business partners with the company. How cool is that?

Quote: “A positive impression leads to a bond between consumer and concept.  This bond will evolve into a transaction contributing to immediate short term growth and has the power to create a relationship that can last a lifetime.” Don Bode-CEO

Another of Don’s Quote: Don considers his shoppers as business partners: “Our ProShoppers establish and maintain the vital link to the customers of our clients, who we like to consider as business partners,”-Don Bode.

Very concerning in my research was that there were multiple addresses and states listed for CRG and this is because scammers have created fictitious websites (I stumbled on one) and shopper (victims) were reporting to the BBB and other scam sites, that this company CRG had multiple addresses and because of this, the BBB gave them a low rating. The damage is incredible to these mystery shopping companies who fall victim to the scammers and as the CEO said, (RipOffReport) “After getting burned by the con men, these desperate victims lash out at anyone they can blame (not themselves). These individuals then embark on a campaign to smear the company listed on the fictitious letterhead with calls to the BBB, local attorney general, postmaster, media and anyone else who will listen. CRG is trying to get the word out and posting a warning on their website.” –Don Bode

The following is the TRUE address of CRG and website:

Consumer Research Group

P.O. Box 1114

Wake Forest, NC  27588

Phone Number:   (919) 526-3481

Correct Email:    Email Address:

North Carolina is where they are located (Corporate Headquarters) and the REAL address is the one above. As you know, scammers are cutting and pasting from CRG and other mystery shopping companies, then fabricating emails and websites purporting to be CRG.  In my search, I came upon one website that strongly urged me to exit the site, as it was not a trusted site. It was a malicious website that would have taken my personal information and seriously affected my life.


Shoppers, please be mindful when you do to go CRG or any other site. It takes just a few moments of your time to make sure you are on a safe and reputable site.


  1. Sinclair Customer Metrics (SCM)

Sinclair Customer Metrics was created in 29 years ago in 1987 by President Robert Sinclair, Jr. in San Antonio, Texas. He has developed this strong and reputable company into the business it is today. Many shoppers enjoy working with Sinclair Customer Metrics. Most shoppers refer to SCM as “Sinclair” in the forum. I really enjoy this company. I have performed over 50 bank shops, numerous “salty snack” shops, and the ever-famous salsa bar shops.

SCM Quote: A good Customer Service Evaluator or Mystery Shopper is not only someone who has a keen eye for detail, but also someone who wants to make a difference in how a business treats its customers. Our shoppers are extensively trained and tested for their ability to follow instructions and report accurate, concise data.”

Types of Shops: Pricing Audits, Facility Audits, Product Audits, Casual Dining Shops, FDA Compliance Shops, Alcohol and Tobacco Shops, Retail Shops, Banks (Tellers, Platform and Drive Thru) C-Stores, Gas Station Shops, Grocery Shops, Quick Serve Restaurants, ADA Compliance Shops, Consumer Satisfaction Surveys, “Voice of the Consumer” IVR’s, Targeted Surveys, Competitor Mystery Shopping, Telephone Mystery Shops, Pricing Audits, Quality Product Assurance Audits, Merchandising Compliance Shops, Marketing Campaigns, New Product Roll-outs, New Process/Returns, Competitor Pricing Audits and Training Modifications.


In closing, enjoy your shops and take the time to thank those great schedulers and editors when you can, in your free time. Just mentioning a name on the forum brightens their day and they know you appreciate them. Finding great shops takes effort and hopefully you can join a few of the above, or if your profile is rusty, take the time to go in there a freshen it up!

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