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5 Mystery Shopping Companies with Jobs for Shoppers

The following is a list of five companies with jobs for mystery shoppers. All of these companies have good reputations on Mystery Shop Forum,  the community for mystery shoppers. I’ve link to their page on the forum, so you can learn more about them.

The companies are listed in no particular order. If you want more opportunities for mystery shopping, then it is well worth your time to register with each of these companies. If you’re already registered with them, take the time to post a review of them forum – so other shoppers can learn from your experience.

1. A Customers Point of View

This company was started in 1997. They provide mystery shopping, compliance, and investigative services. They are known to reject applications from mystery shoppers. However, there are no other negative complaints currently on the forum.

2. New Image Marketing

A good company with a good reputation on the forum. They send payments on the 1st of the month. Their scheduler, Dawn, was one of the most popular schedulers in the 2015 scheduler of the year contest.

3. Sinclair Customer Metrics

This is a large company with many assignments and a good reputation on the forum. One shopper recently wrote about their scheduler, Bobby “Whenever I have asked Bobby for help, he always comes through for me. He’s a scheduler who stands behind his shoppers and always goes the extra mile.“

4. Albatross Global Solutions

This is a company that pays quickly, and is responsive to communication. One problem shoppes have is that the shop guidelines are not made available upfront.  However, shoppers in general seem to like this company very much.

5. Mintel Mystery Shopping

Mintel Group Ltd. is a privately owned, global market intelligence agency, based in London. Mintel was founded in 1978 and, today, maintains offices in London, Chicago, Shanghai, Belfast, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Munich, New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. Read our interview with the CEO.


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