Aaron Murdoch

5 New Mystery Shopping Companies Hiring Right Now

Let’s face it, most people who make new year resolutions never see them through to the end so why not make one that you will actually accomplish? There are numerous new mystery shopping opportunities available all over the United States. Check out 5 new companies that are hiring shoppers right now in no particular order.


  1. RBG is getting rave reviews on the Mystery Shopper Forum. One shopper stated, “I admit I’m biased towards RBG and their schedulers. I have 1300 shops with the MSC and have never had issues with their schedulers, editors or payments.” To join RBG, click here


  1. Intellishop is a mystery shopping company that offers traditional assignments on location, online, and on the phone. Video mystery shopping has become a staple of this organization and signing up is a smooth process. To get started with Intellishop, click here.


  1. Catch FireCX is a mystery shopping organization dedicated to “providing business intelligence solutions to companies within the cannabis industry.” This extraordinary company is offering shoppers marijuana based assignments face-to-face, over the telephone and compliance shops. To learn more about signing up for this company you can join here.


  1. Circle of Service has been a major player in mystery shopping for over 13 years and prides themselves on being the “Voice of the Customer.” Some of the services offered are on-site video recorded evaluations, recorded phone shops and traditional mystery shopping assignments. To join this company, click here.


  1. Harland Clarke specializes in mystery shopping assignments in the banking and credit union industries. Do you have an interest in performing shops in the financial services sector? If so, you may click here to sign up and become a shopper for Harland Clarke.

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