Aaron Murdoch

5 Ways to Fit Mystery Shopping into any Schedule

I get it, you’re busy, and you hardly have enough time in the day to get everything done as it is, never mind try to go mystery shopping to earn some extra money. There are ways, but it may require a little extra planning and effort. Here are 5 ways to fit mystery shopping into any schedule.


  1. On your lunch break. I get a one-hour lunch break every day and often find that it is way too long. Why not eat your sandwich and finish a mystery shop at the same time? The chances are good that there is an assignment located close to your place of work.


  1. Shop on the way home. If there isn’t a mystery shopping assignment available near your work, you can always make a pit stop at an electronics store, auto dealership, or convenience store when you’re heading home for the day. If you’re driving by these stores anyways, why not stop in and make a fast $15.


  1. Date night at a restaurant. All of us enjoy going out to dine at a restaurant from time to time. Why not take out your significant other to a mystery shopping restaurant assignment? You and your date will be able to enjoy a time of relaxation and a free tasty meal at the same time.


  1. At the mall. If you need to go to a store at the mall, find out if there are any other mystery shops at that shopping center. A lot of assignments are located near malls and you will find there are many opportunities to make some extra cash while visiting your favorite store.


  1. Look at a new vehicle. One of the most common mystery shops is at new car dealerships. The next time your significant other wants you to join them at the grocery store, find out if there is a car lot nearby. If so, drop them off to get a head start on the food list while you complete an mystery shopping assignment.


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