Customer Service Perceptions

Company Overview: Located in Lookout Mountain,  Customer Service Perceptions is one of a very small number of MSC’s that require applicants to mail a processing fee for their application. $2 in this case.

From their website: Customer Service Perceptions charges an administrative processing fee of $2 to each shopper applicant. This fee in nonrefundable and does not insure that you will be accepted for inclusion in their shopper database, but that your application will be reviewed and considered for inclusion.

Personal Experience: None. The only time I will send money to a mystery shopping company is when it is a fee for a required criminal background check [think Trendsource]. Any other reason for any type of fee causes me to be on the lookout.

What Others Have to Say: One shopper noted that they make it a practice never to pay to shop, then added, “Looks like a scam to me. Volition has some very old posts about them. Apparently after paying the processing fee and becoming their shopper, there were very few jobs to be had and payment issues with the jobs that were available and performed. Those who complained about not getting paid got deactivated.” Another said, “Given the number of companies I have signed up for and never shopped for why would I even consider paying a penny unless there was a guarantee of a shop. The $2.00 does not even guarantee they will put you in their database.” There were also comments on the quality, or lack thereof, in the website.

Overall: I was searching for additional information about this MSC. The only contact information on their website is an email address. It always bothers me when a business doesn’t want to give a phone number or physical address for contact information. I searched the Chattanooga, TN, BBB site and they gave Customer Service Perceptions an “F” rating. Additionally, the business is listed as a sole proprietorship with one employee.

Quite a few MSC’s use their websites as a way to promote the clients they have, and/or areas where they have shops. That information is missing from the Customer Service Perceptions site.

Based on the available data, I refrain from grading this MSC.

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