A Small Hint for Route Travelers

While planning a recent, multi-day route, I discovered I could work out of one small North Carolina town for the duration of the trip. I was looking for a motel and checked the reviews of the chains where I can get points–Hilton, Quality, and Wyndham.

The online reviews where substantially less than stellar for all the chain properties, which I’m guessing is due to the transient nature of the clientele along this stretch of I-95.

I decided to try my luck with Priceline I found a small, family owned motel, for $55/night plus tax. It was an older property that was showing its age, but the owners were maintaining it and, most importantly, it was clean.

Another advantage was 10.1 mbps wifi speed. I later found out from the owner that he had five wireless routers and no room was more than five rooms from a router.

I discovered the real gem upon checking out. The owner asked if I was a regular in the area. I said a couple of times a year, depending how work is. He then gave me a card with an account number and the motel’s direct line. By calling direct and using the account number, I would save $10 per night over the Priceline rate.

If you find yourself on the road and it’s getting late, you can try your own negotiating with a motel. You just might succeed.

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