Advantage Sales and Marketing

Company Overview: Advantage Sales and Marketing was founded in 1987 in Southern California and now has over 70 offices all across the United States. Their website is professional looking at: http://www.asmnet.com/. The company appears to be targeting mostly demonstrating and merchandising jobs in WalMarts around the nation.

Personal Experience: I have had no experience working with this company. As I generally do not prefer merchandising jobs, I’m not sure I would take a job if one were offered.

What Others Have to Say: Most comments on www.mysteryshopforum.com appear to lean towards the negative when discussing this company. There are reports of pay issues, as well as gross underestimates in the amount of time a particular job should take to complete. That should not be totally unexpected when dealing with merchandising companies as determining how long a project will take is directly proportional to how well maintained the particular department is in the store. There are also reports of the company being great to work for and with an extraordinary pay record.

Overall: Based on the posts I’ve seen on the forum, I think that what it being seen on the forum’s pages is all true. Some shoppers have experienced problems with this company while others are finding them fair to deal with. I don’t think any of the reports are “shills” and I don’t think any are vengeful attacks on the company. Here is a link to the two discussions of Advantage Sales and Marketing on mysteryshopforum.com: http://www.mysteryshopforum.com/companies/?Advantage_Sales_and_Marketing.

This is a case where I would make sure that all my questions were answered before I accepted any job with the company.

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