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Ok, it’s time for a couple of updates re: Adz In Motion and Wrap Match.

First, I’ve had no type of follow-up information from Adz In Motion. Perhaps they are indeed out of business as one post suggested. I just find it odd that the website is relatively current and automated emails are being sent when people register with them. Outside of the automated email, I haven’t hard anything from Adz In Motion.

Wrap Match, www.wrapmatch.com, seems a bit more problematic. Several people have emailed me claiming the company is a scam. They base the claim on the price being charged for your driving record. There are two options, IIRC, one for $50.00 and one for $24.95. The $24.95 option seemed the quickest so I signed up for that option. After the sign-up, I find there’s an automatic $8.00 monthly charge to my bank account for some type of “premium membership” for getting assistance with getting wraps. Well, in the approximately three weeks that I’ve been signed up with Wrap Match, I’ve received plenty of emails saying that they are “working” on getting a match. I also received a request asking if I would prefer a lawyer or a dentist, and I replied that I would prefer the dentist but either is okay. So far though, nothing physical has arrived. I just emailed Wrap Match telling them to not bill my account further, and I received a prompt reply saying that I will not be charged for the premium membership. Since I discontinued the “Premium” membership, the communication had dropped off dramatically.

I also received an email claiming to be from a co-founder of Wrap Match thanking me for the review and saying that he would expedite a match. So far, I’ve received bupkis. Based on the online searching I’ve been able to do, I’m convinced that Wrap Match is a legitimate company. I just don’t know if the problem is arising from my having an older vehicle, or if there is something else at work here. I did follow a link in one of the emails and it appears that there are just a handful of clients with this company, that is most of the vehicles appeared to have advertising for one or two clients.

I also discovered that payment for your first wrap–or couple of wraps, might be in the form of a gift card, because they want to determine how many calls your particular ad will generate. The more calls you generate, the more money you’ll make.

And to the shopper who asked if they do wraps in Canada…I don’t know, but the link is again in this article so you can make the inquiry on your own. I’ll continue to monitor my activity with Wrap Match and update the readers here as needed.

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