Aaron Murdoch

Clear Evaluations are Hiring Video Mystery Shoppers

Company Overview: Clear Evaluations is a mystery shopping company dedicated to serving the following industries: apartments, new home builders, automotive services, sales, banks, hotels, retail, and restaurants. The organization has been specializing in the video mystery shopping field for over 15 years and is located in Houston, Texas.


How to Sign up and Get Assignments: Joining Clear Evaluations as a video shopper is relatively quick and easy. Their website design makes navigating through the site a smooth process. Although this company does focus on video mystery shopping, one can also work as a written mystery shopper for those who may prefer more traditional assignments. To sign up click here.


What Others Have to Say: Fellow mystery shoppers have had a lot of great things to say about Clear Evaluations in the “Kudos, Compliments, & Shout-Outs section” of the Mystery Shop Forum. LisaSTL posted, “You will love working with Clear. Incredible communication with people who know what it is like in the trenches.” MFJohnston stated, “I really appreciate their “common sense” approach to working with various situations and their commitment to getting good quality shops.”


Personal Experience: Based on all of the feedback I’ve read about Clear Evaluations, this company is a leader in the video mystery shopping industry. Their website says that they are always looking for video shoppers who are registered and own their own approved concealed video equipment. Their website is well laid out but they do not appear to be listed with the MSPA.


Conclusion: From the research I have conducted, Clear Evaluations appears to be a solid mystery shopping company to work for. I would encourage all of those with video mystery shopping experience to check them out, especially those with their own equipment. The only downfall is that I can see is that they do not appear to be affiliated with the MSPA.

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