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Customer Perspectives

Company Overview: Sometimes even the researchers get similarly named mystery shopping companies mixed up. Such was the instance with this mystery shopping company. I was halfway through with my background notes on this company when I noticed that forum members were occasionally using the words “customer” and “consumer” interchangeably for the name of this MSC.

Just to be sure my notes were for the correct company, I started over. That’s when I realized that three MSCs had similar names. For the sake of clarity, let me reiterate that this review is focused on Customer Perspectives and not Consumer Perspectives.

Customer Perspectives states that they are “one of the first and best mystery shopping companies”, having been in operation for over three decades. This MSC started up in 1983, which makes it the longest running mystery shopping company reviewed by Mystery Shopping Magazine to date. This company is headquartered in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

Customer Perspectives advertises some of its clients on its website. The company has a variety of assignment opportunities in clothing, automotive services, convenience stores, sporting goods, financial services, competitor shops, and other retail businesses. This MSC states that it has clients all over the U.S.

Sign up with Customer Perspectives at www.customerperspectives.com. Click on “Become A Shopper” in the upper right corner of the page. Choose “Shopper Information” from the drop down menu. Click on the link “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page. Sign the agreement, and you will be taken to a typical Prophet system application. This will include a writing sample.

In addition to responding to email assignment announcements and checking the MSC’s job board, opportunities are also posted on the job board of the Mystery Shop Forum.

Payment is made via PayPal in the third week of the month following the month that an assignment was completed.

There were no legitimate complaints posted on Mystery Shop Forum about Customer Perspectives. Actually, shoppers were very favorable in their opinions about this MSC. Many said that this company is a favorite and one of the best, that it is reputable, and that it is a good company to work with.

All reported timely and accurate payments. Schedulers were described as flexible, responsive, professional, and accommodating. Reports are not tedious. Feedback from editors is constructive.

Shoppers said that they like the variety of assignments this MSC, but more than a few forum members said that they wished there were more assignments available.

Time and again, shoppers shared that they have had no issues with Customer Perspectives.

Personal Experience: The assignments I have completed for Customer Perspectives have been easy to do with decent pay. The reports were not onerous. Payment was made in a timely fashion. Like others, I wish there were more opportunities in my area.

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