Aaron Murdoch

Earn $100 to Mystery Shop New Homes

The holidays are fast approaching, and we could all use some well-paying mystery shopping assignments in preparation for this potentially expensive time of year. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas are all coming very quickly and if we’re not careful with our money, we could find ourselves in the red.


So, let’s get ready for this festive season and start “picking up the pace” on completing mystery shopping assignments to earn some extra cash. I’m here to share a mystery shopping opportunity that pays up to $100 per shop!


On Mystery Shop Forum, I came across an interesting new home, video mystery shop that doesn’t require a written report. This is amazing! Almost every assignment out there requires shoppers to complete a comprehensive and detailed summary – but not this one. According to the post, “New home video shops generally pay anywhere from $65-$100 depending on location and typically don’t require any written reports.”


If you currently live in or are traveling to Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, or Virginia, these shops are now available in your area. The post on Mystery Shop Forum does state that they are looking for experienced video mystery shoppers with PV-500 experience.


According to the company’s website, they are looking for, “women, minorities, veterans, millennials, and active adults (age 55+)” who can portray a potential new home buyer and can remain calm under pressure. To learn more about this lucrative mystery shopping opportunity, click here.


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