Aaron Murdoch

Free Large Pizza and $15 with this Mystery Shop

Did you know that the first licensed pizzeria to sell pizza within the United States was a restaurant named “Lombardi’s” and was located on Spring Street in Manhattan, NY? Well, according to history.com it was, and the popular dish began its reign in the year 1905. Although not currently operating at the original site, today, Lombardi’s is alive and well and still uses the original pizza oven they did way back in the early 1900’s.


If you’re hungry and don’t feel like heading home to prepare a meal, you’re definitely in luck. The Mystery Shopping Forum has a scrumptious mystery shop posting that everyone should check out. The company is offering a free pizza just for ordering a one or two topping pie – plus a $15 payment. The post states that this assignment may be performed Monday through Sunday but “Do not visit the store during the first hour after opening and the last hour before closing.”


Mystery shoppers are required to have a high-resolution camera and printer for this job. You will be asked to make a specific order by phone and to pick up the pizza within the time that the clerk provides. The client has stated, “they have 100% fresh dough, 100% of the time” so you will not want to miss out on this free and profitable pizza mystery shop. The post also states that there are multiple pizza eating opportunities available throughout the United States and to contact the company to see if there is one near you. To learn more about this mystery shop, click here.

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