GapBuster Reportedly Not Paying Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shoppers have recently been reporting missing, delayed, or incorrect payments from GapBuster.

On Mystery Shop Forum, there has been a thread with multiple complaints from a variety of mystery shoppers. According to the reports, one shopper is owed 702 Euros, over $900 at the current exchange rate. Another complains of being paid the basic fee but not the agreed upon reimbursement. Delving deeper into this reveals shoppers from years ago complaining that shop fees and reimbursements were not being paid at the same time, which created bookkeeping nightmares.

I attempted to contact Gapbuster through their Atlanta, Georgia phone but it rang for almost two minutes with no answer. I can only assume the Atlanta office has been closed. I emailed the company on May 21st. As of today, there has not been a response.

GapBuster is listed as a member company of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Mystery Shoppers who are owed money are recommended to contact the MSPA with help in resolving this issue. Additionally, any mystery shoppers owed money by GapBuster are encouraged to report it on Mystery Shop Forum.

According to their MSPA lising “GapBuster operates in over 30 countries, including all of Europe, USA, Japan and the Far East, with more than 100 clients worldwide. ”

We will continue to follow this story, and report any further developments.

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