Aaron Murdoch

Get your Smartphone Screen Repaired Free with this Mystery Shop

We have all been there. It’s Monday at 7 a.m. and the whole family is frantically scurrying around the house having showers, preparing lunches, and trying to get the children dressed for school. A situation like this can be a stressful one but guess what? One of your small children has your smartphone, and he has just dropped it face down on the ground. You stop in your tracks, walk over to the face-down phone, and slowly reach down to discover that the screen is completely shattered.


Unfortunately, I have personally been in this situation on more than one occasion, and the feeling somewhat compares to that of getting caught speeding by a police officer. It is a terrible feeling and now you must find the time in your already busy day to drop your smartphone off to be repaired. There goes another $100 payment from an already depleted bank account, however, it’s not all bad news. The silver lining is that today I have found a mystery shop where you can have your screen repaired completely free.


This mystery shopping company is looking for shoppers who have a “Smartphone, tablet, or iPad cracked, sluggish, or in need of a repair.” If yours is in good shape, you may take in a device that belongs to someone else that you may know, with their permission of course. Payment for this shop is $25, plus up to a $100 reimbursement for the repair itself. There are multiple locations available and some of the states offering this shop are as follows: Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee. To see if there is a shop located in your city, click here.


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