Aaron Murdoch

How to Become a Funeral Home Mystery Shopper

One of my favorite parts about researching mystery shopping opportunities is finding a wide variety of some of the most unique and interesting jobs out there. Today’s mystery shopping assignment may just be the front-runner on my list of all-time greats. Mystery Shop Forum, the number one source for all things mystery shopping, has a truly novel, well-paying assignment for shoppers to capitalize on.


This funeral home mystery shopping assignment wants to know about the overall experience shoppers encounter when pretending to be someone inquiring about funeral services on behalf of a loved one. There is a host of scenarios shoppers may choose from including someone with a dying grandmother who is not expected to live much longer needing guidance with a burial, to a family friend who is a veteran with very little money and family wanting to keep things simple.


The purpose of this funeral home mystery shopping assignment is to ensure that proper services and standards are being followed during each one-to-one meeting with staff members regarding topics of burial, cremation, and veteran status. Pay for this assignment is $25 with another $25 bonus for a grand total of $50. This is a great paying mystery shopping job that will only take about one hour of your time.


If this mystery shopping assignment sounds like something that you would like to sign up for, click here to find out more information about this rare opportunity.





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