Aaron Murdoch

How to Become an IKEA Mystery Shopper

Ikea is one of the top home furnishing retail giants and if you’ve ever shopped there, you know why. They have everything from beds to ladle spoons and offer terrific storage ideas suited to a wide demographic. Have you ever wondered if there are mystery shopping opportunities at IKEA? Well, I’m happy to inform you that there are. Let me tell you more about this company.


Cirrus Marketing Intelligence is a marketing research company located in Anaheim, California and has specialized within the mystery shopping industry since 1993.  According to their website, they have, “over 100,000 shoppers for companies of all sizes — from national firms like IKEA and Toyota to local companies and startups.” Cirrus is a true leader in mystery shopping.


Cirrus has recorded over 1.5 million mystery shopping reports and is a long-time certified member of the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association (MSPA). It is always a great sign to see when a company is listed within this professional trade organization overseeing legitimate mystery shopping companies. On top of that, Cirrus is a licensed private investigation agency which brings even more trusted experience to the table for their clients, like IKEA.


According to an article online, Cirrus offers IKEA mystery shopping assignments that consist of browsing multiple departments while asking employees one particular question. One would need to document their response and write a report about their experience. IKEA shops apparently can take some time to complete but are rumored to pay around $60 per assignment. Not too shabby for browsing around a fun and trendy store.


To become an IKEA mystery shopper with Cirrus Marketing Intelligence, click here and let us know about your experience. Who knows, it may get featured in one of our upcoming mystery shopping articles.



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