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How to Earn $1,000 a Month as a Mystery Shopper

Here at mystery shopper magazine we have published a lot of information about how to become a successful mystery shopper. If you want to know what it takes to earn $1,000 in one month as a mystery shopper, this post is for you.

Before I go into details, let me cover a few basic points.

First, the most important thing you can do is register with companies that have mystery shopping assignments. The trick is to find the companies that have assignments available for you. The guaranteed way to find those companies is to register with every company you can find. There are “shortcuts” for finding these companies, so you can start earning sooner, but you will eventually want to register with as many companies as possible. That way you will have access to the most opportunities, which means you can pick and choose your assignments more carefully.

How do you find these companies? You can read our reviews, search on Jobslinger, and read Mystery Shop Forum.

If you’re ready to get started, I highly recommend reading our ebook – The Concise Guide to Mystery Shopping. It shows you the basics of becoming a very successful mystery shopper. It features the voices of successful mystery shoppers, showing you how they’ve built their success, and how you can too.

Here are more articles you should read:

Obviously, this is a lot of information. If you dedicate a day to reading all of these resources, you will be armed with much more knowledge than the vast majority of mystery shoppers.

Of course, you will still have questions. Every mystery shopper is in a unique situation, with your own challenges and opportunities. That’s a big part of why Mystery Shop Forum is so valuable –– you can lean on the experience of other mystery shoppers, getting their advice when you need it, and providing your own answers along the way. Check out the forum here.

One more thing –– if you already earn more than $1,000 a month as a mystery shopper, please send me an email. I will pay you for your story.

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