Aaron Murdoch

This Mystery Shop Pays $150 an Hour

Dental mystery shops are assignments that are very new to me. Believe it or not, there is a company out there that specializes in providing their shoppers with free dental exams, x-rays, and treatment plan and will also pay you up to $150 on top of that. That’s well over $250 worth of cash and services for just an hour of your time.


Measure Consumer Perspectives is a mystery shopping company that provides their shoppers with assignments in the dental and healthcare industry. Do you have crooked teeth or suffer from sleep apnea? Measure Consumer Perspectives will pay their shopper’s good money to go undercover to see how their healthcare experience goes. According to their website, it states:


“We need people like you to help us out. Brace yourself! Or would you prefer Invisalign? Find out with our orthodontics video audits. Get a free consultation on any orthodontia issue and get paid for it. Don’t have video recording equipment? No problem! We have what you need to successfully complete your visit.”


Sign up with Measure Consumer Perspectives if you want to get into the lucrative field of video auditing. If so, this is the company to sign-up with. This is by far one of the highest paying mystery shopping companies out there that gives their shoppers the ability to make hundreds of dollars a day. To become a video auditor with this organization, click here.







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