Aaron Murdoch

How to Make $100 in 3 Days with Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a convenient and legitimate way to make $100 in less than half a week. Shoppers have the unique opportunity to complete assignments around their schedules and on their terms. Mystery shops can be done in the morning, afternoon, and evening as well as every day of the week. Does your employer allow you to work anytime you want? Here are ways you can earn $100 in only 3 days.


Auto dealerships, electronic stores, and large retail chains frequently provide a lot of mystery shopping assignments, so I recommend signing up for these opportunities. In my experience, most companies pay their shoppers anywhere from $17 to $25 per job. For someone who lives in a medium to large sized city, this can be easily accomplished. So, if each job pays $17, you would only need to complete two shops, for the next three days, earning an extra $102.


Restaurant mystery shops are not only a great way to eat for free, but they will often compensate you for your time on top of that. For example, let’s say a company compensates $50 per meal, and pays an extra $20 for your time, for a total of $70. What happens if your meal only comes to $42? You get to keep the extra $8, plus the $20 for your time, for a profit of $28 and a full tummy of food. Using the example above, if you added in two restaurant assignments with the other shops, you would only need to complete one retail job, for the next three days, earning an extra $107.


Telephone and online shops are great ways to quickly make $3 to $10 dollars. If you find yourself unable to complete an assignment or two in person, these are great shops to help pick up the slack. Although they do not pay as much as the shops listed earlier, they are great alternatives to earn smaller amounts of money, but in a much faster amount of time without having to leave home.

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