Aaron Murdoch

How to Mystery Shop on Your Smartphone

Whether you love or loathe technology, today’s marketplace is moving towards an online era, and mystery shopping is definitely included. The nice aspect of this trend is that it is mystery shopping is becoming a quicker, time efficient, and convenient way to complete shopping assignments through our smartphones which translates into getting paid even faster.


How would you like to be able to let your smartphone tell you where a nearby mystery shop is available to complete? For most shoppers, this is a dream come true and this changes mystery shopping on a major level. Think about it, smartphones are allowing mystery shoppers to let the assignments come to them – not the other way around. Smartphone mystery shopping frees up more time to complete shops and to make more money.


Gigwalk is a mobile app that allows shoppers to work wherever and whenever they want. Currently, Gigwalk is available on iOS devices and joining this company is fast and easy. According to the app store, it states, “It’s literally work where you want, when you want. It’s at my fingertips. It’s really easy. If you like discovering cool new places, if you like having some extra cash in your pocket, I’d say Gigwalk is for you.” To join this company, click here.


Mobee is an app available for mystery shoppers to earn cash, gift cards, and prizes. To earn, shoppers are asked a series of questions that will take a few minutes to answer. Then, Mobee will check the inputted data and credits shoppers within 24 hours of the shop’s completion. To download the Mobee app, simply click here.


Field Agent allows shoppers to use their iPhone or Android devices to collect various types of information and then get paid. Mystery shoppers may be asked to take a photo, video, or gather specific information to help retailers better serve their customers. Signing up consists of three steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Complete a shopper profile
  3. Find mystery shopping jobs near you

To become a smartphone mystery shopper for Field Agent, click here.

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