Introduction to This Special Issue

So often we hear about shoppers who encounter problems with shops. Recently, I had several targeted apartment shops. I made the appointments with the target and I specified the date  I would be there, verify that they would be there. When I arrived, the target was off.

While that’s a problem, it pales in comparison to the shoppers featured in this issue of Mystery Shopper Magazine.

This special issue is devoted to looking at shoppers who have disabilities and how they still shop, not letting their disabilities limit them, but learning how to work within the confines, and still be successful mystery shoppers.

I hope you’ll be as inspired reading their stories as I was in the process of putting this issue together. It made me realize that the problems we face as “normal” shoppers, to quote Bogey from “Casablanca”, “Don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world of ours.”

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