James Bond is Dead…

James Bond is dead? Well, not exactly. Life, however, is getting busy and the weekly endeavor of editing this magazine is starting to affect my shops, and my freedom to shop. I’ve told Jacob that the September 29th issue will be the last issue of the magazine that I will edit, to give him time to bring someone else on board and to help create a smooth transition. All good things must come to an end and, for me, editing Mystery Shopper Magazine had been a very good thing. It has been a wonderful experience, and I couldn’t have done it without the many contributors I’ve had who have all made the job easier. In no particular order, thanks to Agent 99, Walesmaven, Secretsphinx, Cettie, Austinmom, MDavisnowell, Carol, Vlade5394, Stilllearning, and I’m sure I’m missing many others who have contributed articles.

I’m not going to vanish like “The Shadow”, but my shopping career has reached the point where I had to make a choice. It wasn’t easy, but I feel that I need to follow the course of becoming a more active shopper and also devoting time to my photography business. If something irks me enough, I’ll write about it and submit it to the editor, but as far as regular contributions, no. There are so many shoppers on the forum; it’s time for some of their voices to be heard on a regular basis in the magazine.

Lastly, Jacob, thanks so much. I appreciate more than you’ll ever know the gift you gave me…first in taking over the writing, and then in trusting me with the editing of Mystery Shopper Magazine. It was quite a run, enjoyable, and one I won’t soon forget.

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