Marketing Endeavors

Company Overview:  Based in Louisville, KY, Marketing Endeavors has been in business since 2001. The company has no complaints in the past three years with the Louisville BBB. Registration is on their website, http://www.marketingendeavors.biz/, and is on the Sassie system.

Although their website lists no specific clients, the style of the site leads me to conclude they lean towards the food service and retail industries. Marketing Endeavors is part of The Magnetic Group.

Personal Experience: Bumpkis…Marketing Endeavors has no clients in my immediate area. I have to reach out 250 miles or so before I start seeing clients for this MSC.

What Others Have to Say: There are glowing reports for this company from the shoppers at www.mysteryshopforum.com. According to their terms, they pay 60 days after the shop. Virtually all shoppers reported that their payments are usually much quicker than advertised. Typical comments include:

“No problem with payment from this msc,” “I have never had to wait 60 days. They pay quicker than their terms..,” and perhaps the best comment, “This is a company that under promises and over delivers rather than the other way around. This to me is truly a AAA company.”

Overall: When a company is good, it becomes harder to meet the word count of these articles. The only “complaint” I could find is shoppers wishing this company had more shops in their areas. Virtually everyone has nothing but good to great things to say about Marketing Endeavors. I feel that I’m missing out on something special because this MSC has nothing in my area.

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