Marketing Systems Unlimited

Company Overview:  With corporate headquarters in Iowa City, IA, Marketing Systems Unlimited has been in business for over 30-years. “With the help of his wife and four sons, MSU has grown into one of the nation’s largest, and most successful, shopping services. MSU has provided services for over 500 clients and over 10,000 locations each month in 49 states.”

There is no record of this company with the Iowa City, IA BBB.

The company, according to their website, does have a strong video shopping presence.

Personal Experience: Nothing yet. I had signed up with this MSC in my pre-video days and never received a sign-in number or password. I went to update my data before starting this review and discovered that, at present, I’m an Orwellian “non-person”. Hopefully I will be able to remedy this situation quickly.

What Others Have to Say: There was one inquiry about this company on the www.mysteryshopforum.com boards from March, 2010. There have been no replies to that initial inquiry.

Overall: I know that “gut feelings” are not something that should be used to recommend or criticize a business, but that’s the only data available in this instance. I feel that, mainly due to the lack of complaints, that this company is a fairly good company to work with.

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