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Mea Culpa Time

I made a couple of errors in last week’s article on the Video Shopping Companies, and I wish to correct them now.

I had posted a PM on the VSN board and, not having received a reply, I assumed my inquiry was correct. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Advanced Feedback was not one of the founding members of the Video Shopping Network. So, to correct the list, the six remaining founding members of the Video Shopping Network are: Clear Evaluations, Impact Marketing, Mary LeBlanc & Associates, Measure Consumer Perspectives, Melinda Brody and Company, and The Shadow Agency. I apologize for the error.

Mistake number two was failing to listen to my gut instinct regarding a shopper’s post about fees dropping somewhat dramatically. My gut instinct was to regard that with a healthy degree of skepticism; unfortunately I didn’t and took it at face value. As a video scheduler, who I have a great deal of respect for, told me, “(It’s) never good to mention an MSC by name even if you “think” you have all the facts. It may have simply been an issue of the shopper not asking, or the recent drop in travel expenses too…who knows? Let the shoppers name the companies! They say a lot and we all know that their posts are their experience and not necessarily the ‘norm’”. After receiving the email, I checked my recent shops with the MSC in question and found that some of the rates have actually increased for shops that I have accepted with them. Moral of the story…accept anything that is said in a positive light, but question any negatives you may see or hear about. It could be only one shopper’s experience. Had I done my homework, or listened to my gut, I would never have posted the observation from that one shopper. My sincere apologies to The Shadow Agency for sticking my 9½ foot in my mouth.

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